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Letter from Terry

Welcome to Mattes Equestrian and thank you for visiting our web site.

Here at Mattes Equestrian we take a 'no nonsense' approach to what we do. Our strategy is to only offer products that have been designed, tested, redesigned and retested for as long as it takes to get it right. Unlike some of our competitors, we will never attempt to lower our production costs by offering, for example, straight top lines because horses backs are not straight, they have withers. Never will we make any of our ranges from inferior quilt that has as much chance of retaining its shape and function in use as a wet dishcloth! Yes, it would make the product cheaper, but also dysfunctional.

So what do we do that is so different?
I will leave it to Tracy to explain in detail, for my part however, I would like to clarify one important fact for you that I believe is paramount in helping you to gain confidence in us.

All our products are made to the same high standards.

Our Range

  • Platinum is made from 100% genuine sheepskin.
  • Our quilts are made with Poly-flex® shape holding interiors. For the outer fabric, we use quality grade cotton combined with polyamide fibres, which have excellent piling properties and superior colour fastness and for the inner fabric, we use velour, which helps to prevent friction

Who are we?
TCJ & T Wright, t/a Mattes Equestrian, a division of E.A Mattes Group UK has been closely associated with Peter Mattes, Managing Director of E.A Mattes GmbH, of Germany since 1987. In addition to the equestrian business, E.A Mattes GmbH has operating divisions producing equally sophisticated product lines, for amongst others

  • The automotive industry (sheepskin car seat covers for Daimler Chrysler and rugs for Bentley)
  • Civil aviation industry (Sheepskin crew seating for the worlds leading airlines)
  • Military aviation industry (sheepskin crew seating for military aircraft)
  • Painting industry (Sheepskin paint rollers for many of the worlds leading painting tool Companies)

In all cases we are renowned for our quality orientated strategy in all aspects of our approach to our chosen markets.

For all these reasons, I am confident you will be in safe hands if you entrust us with your equestrian business. The team have worked hard on our web site, we feel it will be helpful to you, please enjoy.

Yours sincerely,

Terry Wright

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